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Toshi Ishiwata – Melbourne Living Magazine

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on November 29, 2008

Toshi Ishiwata in Melbourne Living Magazine A  magazine has just done an article on our very own Toshi. He features in a home and lifestyle magazine published quarterly by Universal Magazines. Click on the link and have a read or go buy a copy($6.95), tear his page out and stick it on your bedroom wall alongside Duran Duran, New Kids on the Block, Corey Haim & Corey Feldman and of course Samantha Fox. Samantha Fox

Melbourne Living

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Mazzer Mini $795 get 2 x 250 gram Single Origin Coffee Free

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on November 29, 2008

Mazzer Mini  We are now selling Mazzer Mini’s for $795.00. Mazzer are the number one choice when it comes to Professional grinders. They’ve been in the biz for over 50 years, making grinders for all over the world. We use 2 Mazzer Roburs but you won’t need one of those, set yourself up with a Mazzer Mini and you’ll never have to worry about inconsistent grinds again… we will even throw in 2 x 250 gram Single Origin Coffee but wait that’s not all…. if you purchase today we’ll even through in a Toshi Mini… If Mazzer can, we can. So we’ve cloned and shrunk Toshi down to the perfect size for home use. Now you’ll have the best coffee, grinder and one of the best baristi on the market at home. Note: Toshi Mini’s are subject to availability and may not be ready for purchase this decade, due to advancements in science not being recognize in the ‘legal’ and ‘moral’ worlds just yet. Phillistines!! 

Anyway what we definitely can offer you is the Mazzer Mini and 2 Single Origin Coffees of your choice… and NO you cannot have the Rwanda Golden Cup Winner. Xmas is coming…. it might make a great present for someone.

Super Busy Sunday = Beer not coffee

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on November 25, 2008

Oh my god! One of the busiest days of the year. Thanks to all staff who made it run very smoothly and thanks to Bec for buying the well needed slab of beer at the end of the day…. and sorry to Bec for the incriminating photos we’ve put up. Don’t worry, we will all get ours! 

Well done to Dusty and Kris for driving the ‘Bus’ all day long. To maintain the quality of each coffee when you’re under the pump like that is quite a achievement. 

We do love our Aussie beers and there are so many to choose these days. On Sunday we got stuck into Cricketers Arms Lager. A nice dry, fresh lager. Went down well…. and maybe a little to well for some(Hey Bec and Loz). 

Photo 1: Bec & Kate. The girls in the kitchen- both share a passion for food and are creating a new menu as we speak. You’ll also find them baking fresh cakes and cookies daily now..hmmm cookie. 2.  Loz doing what I think is a Northside-in-the-Southside pose or is that “I’ll have 2 more beers”  2: The beer which led to the 4th photo of Bec, 4. Bec

COD Tomorrow – Sumatra Blue Batak

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on November 25, 2008

Coffee of the Day – Sumatran Blue Batak
A semi washed coffee dried in the usual fashion of this region which takes off the parchment after 4 days instead of the usual 15 or so. This allows the coffee to absorb some of that “funky forest floor” flavor the region is famous for. The grade of coffee however is very high and is not completely taken over with funk. We get a lot of blue berries and bergamot in this cup with spicy bell peppers and dark chocolate in the finish.  It really stands out in milk and is great and different as a black coffee. 

Justin Miles

Cupping Session 24th November

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on November 25, 2008

Well getting right down to it and it was definitely the Costa Rica Herbazu ‘light roast’ that won hands down.  This coffee has it all even to the point where I threw up my hands and said Black Forest Cake, “Its got it all”.

Chocolate cake, blueberry, cherry and distinct citric sweetness like raspberries and a little cinnamon.

This coffee is truly exceptional at the moment so even roasted a little darker for espresso it still showed great body and chocolate… as well as warm toast.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe we shipped in from Mercanta showed more sweet peachy notes rather than apricot which we always like and had a creamy body and a tea like finish.

Ethiopian Sidamo which also comes from Mercanta and is our newest edition to the menu has great body and citrus notes, all spice aroma and a walnut finish.  We also had this coffee on the espresso machine out front and boy did it pack a punch, very sweet, very citrus. But with a dash of milk it left a lasting impression of white chocolate – a two thumbs up “velvet slipper” (double-ristretto-piccolo-latte sounds too pretentious)

More tales of cupping when our Cafe Imports order arrive, but don’t hold me to when… did you see the last episode of “Inside Australian Customs”.


NB: In the future all ST ALi coffee will be packaged in rubber latex gloves.

Justin Miles

Nashy’s Tip of the Day

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on November 21, 2008

Some say he has the ability to talk to horses, in english and in russian, some say he was born with hoofs as feet and some have even seen him jump over a fence, all we know is he likes a punt and works like a horse… so here is our new weekly column, Nashy’s Tip of the Day.

Friday, 21st November:  Moone Valley, Victoria (Tonight) Race 5, #1 – Ribati . For a Win

Saturday, 22nd November:  Sandown, Victoria,  Race 7, #9 – Ejercito . Each Way

Nashy off to the races

Synesso Arrived

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on November 14, 2008

dsc04583Our new Synesso arrived this week and is temporarily installed out back by the Renegade, which will be used for barista training and tastings for the roasters, until more renovations are completed and then it’ll be moved into the cafe to go along side it’s sibling. 2 x Synesso’s on the floor! I can see it now….Toshi on one….Nashy on the other… battling it out during service for the best rosetta. Toshi maybe the favourite but I’d put a Ten-er, each-way on the old horse, Nashy. Got a tip of the day, Nashy?

We have also installed a new & improved kitchen, so stay tuned for some exciting new culinary delights coming our way. Our main crew of Kate, Bec and Nikki who so far is the most likely candidate for “Employee of the Month”. It’s so close, Nikki is just in front of the “Ustins” who are level with Japan who are just behind Mrs Mutton who is in front of the Dishwasher who is behind Boots & Shoes. So, so close!!! Don’t stuff up Nikki, you’ve got it in the bag…9 more days to go and all the riches could be yours!

We also received a new Mazzer Robur Electric. This is very cool! More on this later with some pics.

There are many improvements and re-organizing that are left to be done so we thank all our customers for being patient and understanding while we complete these. Also thanks to our trusty, loyal, hard-working staff for managing to work around these through out the day and the longer hours as well. All staff will receive One Free Coffee (excludes soy milk). How’s that???

Also we have a new bench-chair outside along the wall for people to sit on and have a coffee in the sun(when it comes) or alternatively you could sit at the new Roasters Table. 

Installation of the new 15 Kg Renegade looks like it’ll be finished soon, which will free up more time for the roaster. 

We will try and get some photos & tasting notes up as soon as the dust settles… hint hint Juzzie.

We open between 7.00 – 5.00 on Saturdays and 8.00 – 4.00 on Sundays. We can’t take bookings but if you plan to come down with a posse, 6+ people, call us on the day and we’ll see what we can do. 

Ph: 9686 2990

2009 Victorian Barista/Latte Art Championship results

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on November 12, 2008

Below are the results and although Toshi and Kris put in a great performance, St Ali was unable to get a placing this year round. Both guys would like to thank Heath and Chris at Coffee Supreme, Abbotsford for allowing them the time to train on the Nuova Simonelli. Toshi was in there on Monday, Thursday and Friday night practicing along side Talor from Brother Baba Budan who went onto get a placing and noticeably a photo and page 5 spread in The Age on Monday 10th November. 

Unfortunately there is no photo on the link to the newspaper of Talor’s laughing noggin and bow-tie to boot. All agreed that is was a good dose of colour and showmanship needed for the comp. 

The Age 

The Nuova Simonelli is is the official espresso machine for the World Barista Champion. Both Kris & Toshi were using the Mazzer Robur.

So well done to all and better luck next time Kris, which I’m sure you can’t wait for now that you’ve had your foray into the world of competing. The level of competition was noticeably higher than in previous years which is a very good sign to see. The more the merrier!


Nouva Simonelli – Aurelia

World Barista Championship

2009 Victorian Barista Campionships
1st Place – Jesse Hyde (Dancing Goat) Veneziano
2nd Place – Zoe Delany (Coffeehit) Veneziano
3rd Place – Nolan Hirte (Liar Liar) Five Senses

2009 Victorian Latte Art Championships
1st Place – Erin Sampson (Primary) Veneziano
2nd Place – David Seng (1st Pour) Veneziano
3rd Place – Kirby Berlin (Maling Room) Maling Room

Competition Rules

Victorian Barista Championship

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on November 7, 2008

Kris is competing at 2.45 p.m. on Saturday, 8th November in his first barista competition. As we go to press, he is still practicing his routine. St Ali has been very busy  as of late, so aside from the normal hours he’s doing, he’s been staying back late working on his signature drink and skills…Poor bugger!

Good Luck!


The Beach Club, Level 1, Shop 120-122,  427 Docklands Drive


Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on November 7, 2008

Toshi Ishiwata

Toshi has been with St. Ali since it’s incarnation. Essentially the driving force behind the quality of coffee being produced, be it espresso’s or milk based, including latte art and cupping/roasting as well.

Aside from focusing on ‘all that is coffee’ from Probat to Synesso, he has recently re-ignited an enthusiasm for the syphon filter. Toshi at home has been using the Hario TCA-2 for many years now and has been undertaking syphon filter specials and demonstrations in the cafe recently. Currently $7 brew, it is on request and we’re sorry but only if he’s available. Between the comps, roasting and riding the bus, we can only do this during the week and only if he’s not roasting. Try your luck when you’re in. The temporary special price of $7 brew is for 2 people… including a demo from Toshi.

Originally from Japan, Toshi has been in Australian for 4 years and has competed in the Victorian Barista Championships, Latte Art Championships and Cupping Competitions.

Placing –

2009 2nd in Victorian Cupping Championship

2008 1st in  Victorian Cupping Championship

2008 2nd in National Cupping Championship

2006 Victorian Barista Championship Finalist

He is competing this Sunday, 9th November at the Victorian Latte Art Championships at 1.30 p.m. – 2.00 p.m. Head along and give your support.

Where: The Beach Club, Level 1, Shop 120 – 122, 427 Docklands Drive, Waterfront Docklands, , Melbourne

Melways: Map 2E D4 – Online Map

Good Luck Toshi!!

from TFC!

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