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2009 Victorian Barista/Latte Art Championship results

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on November 12, 2008

Below are the results and although Toshi and Kris put in a great performance, St Ali was unable to get a placing this year round. Both guys would like to thank Heath and Chris at Coffee Supreme, Abbotsford for allowing them the time to train on the Nuova Simonelli. Toshi was in there on Monday, Thursday and Friday night practicing along side Talor from Brother Baba Budan who went onto get a placing and noticeably a photo and page 5 spread in The Age on Monday 10th November. 

Unfortunately there is no photo on the link to the newspaper of Talor’s laughing noggin and bow-tie to boot. All agreed that is was a good dose of colour and showmanship needed for the comp. 

The Age 

The Nuova Simonelli is is the official espresso machine for the World Barista Champion. Both Kris & Toshi were using the Mazzer Robur.

So well done to all and better luck next time Kris, which I’m sure you can’t wait for now that you’ve had your foray into the world of competing. The level of competition was noticeably higher than in previous years which is a very good sign to see. The more the merrier!


Nouva Simonelli – Aurelia

World Barista Championship

2009 Victorian Barista Campionships
1st Place – Jesse Hyde (Dancing Goat) Veneziano
2nd Place – Zoe Delany (Coffeehit) Veneziano
3rd Place – Nolan Hirte (Liar Liar) Five Senses

2009 Victorian Latte Art Championships
1st Place – Erin Sampson (Primary) Veneziano
2nd Place – David Seng (1st Pour) Veneziano
3rd Place – Kirby Berlin (Maling Room) Maling Room

Competition Rules


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