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Synesso Arrived

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on November 14, 2008

dsc04583Our new Synesso arrived this week and is temporarily installed out back by the Renegade, which will be used for barista training and tastings for the roasters, until more renovations are completed and then it’ll be moved into the cafe to go along side it’s sibling. 2 x Synesso’s on the floor! I can see it now….Toshi on one….Nashy on the other… battling it out during service for the best rosetta. Toshi maybe the favourite but I’d put a Ten-er, each-way on the old horse, Nashy. Got a tip of the day, Nashy?

We have also installed a new & improved kitchen, so stay tuned for some exciting new culinary delights coming our way. Our main crew of Kate, Bec and Nikki who so far is the most likely candidate for “Employee of the Month”. It’s so close, Nikki is just in front of the “Ustins” who are level with Japan who are just behind Mrs Mutton who is in front of the Dishwasher who is behind Boots & Shoes. So, so close!!! Don’t stuff up Nikki, you’ve got it in the bag…9 more days to go and all the riches could be yours!

We also received a new Mazzer Robur Electric. This is very cool! More on this later with some pics.

There are many improvements and re-organizing that are left to be done so we thank all our customers for being patient and understanding while we complete these. Also thanks to our trusty, loyal, hard-working staff for managing to work around these through out the day and the longer hours as well. All staff will receive One Free Coffee (excludes soy milk). How’s that???

Also we have a new bench-chair outside along the wall for people to sit on and have a coffee in the sun(when it comes) or alternatively you could sit at the new Roasters Table. 

Installation of the new 15 Kg Renegade looks like it’ll be finished soon, which will free up more time for the roaster. 

We will try and get some photos & tasting notes up as soon as the dust settles… hint hint Juzzie.

We open between 7.00 – 5.00 on Saturdays and 8.00 – 4.00 on Sundays. We can’t take bookings but if you plan to come down with a posse, 6+ people, call us on the day and we’ll see what we can do. 

Ph: 9686 2990


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  1. Scotland Drummond said, on November 24, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    St Ali!

    I’m now living in Sydney thanks to landing a new job, but I’m missing you guys and the endless amazing long blacks and baked beans w/ fetta (among everything else on the menu!)

    Tell Kylie to pull her finger out and get training for the full marathon. If you start early there’s plenty of time to take it easy 🙂 Light training began for me last week, and it’s over 40 weeks to the Sydney marathon.

    Much love to the St Ali crew,


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