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Cupping Session 24th November

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on November 25, 2008

Well getting right down to it and it was definitely the Costa Rica Herbazu ‘light roast’ that won hands down.  This coffee has it all even to the point where I threw up my hands and said Black Forest Cake, “Its got it all”.

Chocolate cake, blueberry, cherry and distinct citric sweetness like raspberries and a little cinnamon.

This coffee is truly exceptional at the moment so even roasted a little darker for espresso it still showed great body and chocolate… as well as warm toast.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe we shipped in from Mercanta showed more sweet peachy notes rather than apricot which we always like and had a creamy body and a tea like finish.

Ethiopian Sidamo which also comes from Mercanta and is our newest edition to the menu has great body and citrus notes, all spice aroma and a walnut finish.  We also had this coffee on the espresso machine out front and boy did it pack a punch, very sweet, very citrus. But with a dash of milk it left a lasting impression of white chocolate – a two thumbs up “velvet slipper” (double-ristretto-piccolo-latte sounds too pretentious)

More tales of cupping when our Cafe Imports order arrive, but don’t hold me to when… did you see the last episode of “Inside Australian Customs”.


NB: In the future all ST ALi coffee will be packaged in rubber latex gloves.

Justin Miles


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