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Mazzer Mini $795 get 2 x 250 gram Single Origin Coffee Free

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on November 29, 2008

Mazzer Mini  We are now selling Mazzer Mini’s for $795.00. Mazzer are the number one choice when it comes to Professional grinders. They’ve been in the biz for over 50 years, making grinders for all over the world. We use 2 Mazzer Roburs but you won’t need one of those, set yourself up with a Mazzer Mini and you’ll never have to worry about inconsistent grinds again… we will even throw in 2 x 250 gram Single Origin Coffee but wait that’s not all…. if you purchase today we’ll even through in a Toshi Mini… If Mazzer can, we can. So we’ve cloned and shrunk Toshi down to the perfect size for home use. Now you’ll have the best coffee, grinder and one of the best baristi on the market at home. Note: Toshi Mini’s are subject to availability and may not be ready for purchase this decade, due to advancements in science not being recognize in the ‘legal’ and ‘moral’ worlds just yet. Phillistines!! 

Anyway what we definitely can offer you is the Mazzer Mini and 2 Single Origin Coffees of your choice… and NO you cannot have the Rwanda Golden Cup Winner. Xmas is coming…. it might make a great present for someone.


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