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Juzzie and Renegade. “She’s Alive!”

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Justin Gives the Thumbs Up for the Renegade

Toshi’s new toy. Hario Ice Coffee Drip Filter

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We haven’t had time to really play with this yet. Toshi had to fly interstate to train some people. When he returns we’ll give you some more info…

Stay tuned! More coffee information coming soon…

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on December 14, 2008

Yeh we’re kinda been busy as of late… Although we loving paying out on staff we really do care only about coffee and hope to share our enthusiasm with anyone who is reading, more frequently and in more depth. 

Just a quick insight into what’s been happening….

– To free up some more space for the new 15kg Renegade Roaster we built a new office above the cool room. Sorry did we say Renegade, we meant, free up more space for ‘Juzzie’. 

– We just received in the mail our new 5 Barrel Probat Sample Roaster

– In the same week we have installed our 2nd Synesso…. alongside it’s sibling and with more grinders as well, which means more Single Origin Coffees available as coffee of the days

And many other things. Here are some snaps just to prove we’ve been a bit flat out. Though all have been for the sole purpose of fine tuning the quality of coffee we offer. Just bare with us until 2009  when HOPEFULLY, HOPEFULLY, HOPEFULLY it’s all done!

First ever ST. ALi Employee of the Month…..

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Employee of the month? It was a busy November and it really could’ve gone to anyone but it came down to 2. The finalist were Nikki ‘The affable’ and our new staff member, Block and Tackle ‘ The Reliable’ . Nikki manages to stay happy and jovial all day long… all day long! He is always there to help out. He’ll drive to the other side of Melbourne in peak hour traffic for you. He is a great all rounder and cook as well. Some customers have ever been lucky enough to be waitered on by Nikki But most importantly he is also that guy you can rely on to always have a beer with you after work… there is nothing more annoying than working a busy weekend and your absolutely knackered and all you want to do is chill out with a beer and everyone goes.. ‘Nah bit tired might go home’ well you won’t get that if you work with Nikki. But it was a very, very close race – How could you disregard the influence Block and Tackle has had and especially in it’s Rookie month. Since it started at St. Ali a month ago B&T has managed to transform the way St Ali operates. Always reliable. Always punctual and Very Strong but the first ever St Ali ‘Employee’ of the month had to go to someone and the winner is….


He's so special  

See Bec. We will all get ours.

See Bec. We will all get ours.

He’s so special