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5th Feb Syphon Night starting to book…

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…We have a few places left but only a handful of Hario TCA-2 Syphon Filters remaining. The price of this beautiful brewing aparatus is only $88 for people attending the Syphon Filter Demonstration.  Due to the extra costs of freighting the retail price of $109 will be going up to $119. So this is a bloody good price for anyone who appreciates this style of coffee but we don’t have many left, about 10-15 at old price. If you are interested in this coffee demonstration, the first of it’s kind in Australia, please contact via email. Either just book for the night $50 or for the night & syphon filter $138.00. (While the stocks last)

Note: The Syphon Filter we sell is the silver one, not the gold one in the photo below.

Enquiries please call Luke Mutton (03) 9686 2990 or email

At night people show their true colours. Who’s behind the mask?

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The Masked Avenger

Syphon Filter Demonstration 5th February with Mieko Koike & Toshi Ishiwata

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Hario TCA-2

Hario TCA-2

ST. ALi is holding our first coffee syphon filter demonstration by a Syphon Filter Champion, Ms Mieko Koike.

We will be serving syphon filtered coffee soon, so we have invited Mieko, who is also a barista judge, to demonstrate and talk(with the help of a translator) about the correct syphon filter techniques and also about the appropriate coffees to use. With the primary aim focusing on staff training.

Mieko won the 2006 Japan Syphon Filter Championships and also owns a Syphon Bar in Japan. She is very passionate about coffee and is excited that this is taking off around the world. Apart from it being a very sexy way to serve coffee, it offers a clean, smooth, round drinking experience, and captures the beautiful nuances of our single origin coffees superbly.

Invitation is open to all. If you currently own a syphon filter, you are free to bring it along and get some hands on experience. Just let me know. If not sit back and enjoy. We will also be selling the Hario TCA-2 Syphon Filter on the night for a 20% discount for those willing to get stuck into this at home. Normally $109 but for attendees $88.00

The cost is $50 per head.

5th February. 6.30PM

Food will be prepared by Ben Cooper.

For enquiries or to book please email before 3oth January. Numbers will be limited so get in quick.

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