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5th Feb Syphon Night starting to book…

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on January 28, 2009

…We have a few places left but only a handful of Hario TCA-2 Syphon Filters remaining. The price of this beautiful brewing aparatus is only $88 for people attending the Syphon Filter Demonstration.  Due to the extra costs of freighting the retail price of $109 will be going up to $119. So this is a bloody good price for anyone who appreciates this style of coffee but we don’t have many left, about 10-15 at old price. If you are interested in this coffee demonstration, the first of it’s kind in Australia, please contact via email. Either just book for the night $50 or for the night & syphon filter $138.00. (While the stocks last)

Note: The Syphon Filter we sell is the silver one, not the gold one in the photo below.

Enquiries please call Luke Mutton (03) 9686 2990 or email


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