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Justin on his way to Esmeralda

Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on February 2, 2009

Justin left on the 1st Feb for a one month coffee trip around the world….. hmm …. we are all a little bit jealous. We’ll keep you up to date with his movements. First stop was Intelligentsia in LA then on his way to Esmeralda, then a one week Mercanta tour of Nicaraugua, then New York, London and so on..

Below is his first email back. We’ll keep all his reporting nice and raw… he would have wanted it that way,



Apart from being so tired that I fell asleep with my face against a bus window and proceeded to slip down and bash my forehead against the metal framing LA was f#@king awesome!

It took about 3 hours to get to intelligensia but when I got there they layed me on a fantastic cappucino and an awesome dbl risty. Hooked up with deaton and did some clover cupping and he showed me all over the store. Then we went to the roastery and saw the infamous Got Hot roaster. Then went back to kyal’s place and talked direct trade and watched the superbowl.

The most interesting thing is their new Venice store. 4 x 2 group snesso with two robur e’s a piece. Two clovers and some weird concept rework of a 4 group gb 2 la marzocco that was apparently the machine used in the first starbucks ever.

Those kids are going places”


Good Luck Juzzie. Take lots of pics and see you in a month!

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