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Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on February 5, 2009
Syphon Master

Syphon Master

The Syphon filter had it’s ‘night of nights’ last night with the

2006 Japanese Syphon Champion, Mieko, putting on a world

class display of vac-pot brew style.

There were attendees from Melbournes fine establishments as well

as our neighbours to the north, Sydney.

The night kicked off with mingling over Mieko’s syphon brewed

Kenyan French Mission and Cup of Excellence El Salvador.

Parties were introduced and with the help of Mori (Japanese Interpretter)

Mieko wowed us with her smoothly tuned Syphon brewing skills. Like an

experienced barista working the Synesso she looked one with her tri-Syphon


Questions were fired from the crowd and related back via the interpretter.

Coffee industry folk who attended left with a greater understanding of a brewing

style that makes up 30- 40% of the coffee drank in Japan.

Hopefully, with a little time and good work us in Oz can put out some quality Syphon brews.


Big thankyous go out to Mieko, Toshi Ishiwata, Salvatore Malatesta, Luke Mutton and the few

who brought along some divine coffees to sample. Namely Brother Buba Budan, Ristretto from Perth, Auction Rooms and The Source from Sydney. 

Stay tuned for some pics of the night and a detailed Syphon how-to analyses.


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  1. […] has been into them for years, they’ve made numerous appearances in barista competitions, St Ali in Melbourne invited a Japanese syphon coffee champion to give a demonstration of the art, and snobs and geeks […]

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    […] hosted Geoff Watts from Intelligentsia in Chicago (and LA) and Meiko the Siphon champion from Tokyo, we made loads of new friends and reacquainted with some old ones. Tim Varney and Tim […]

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