ST. ALi // Specialty Coffee


Posted in ST ALi. // Latest news by mattjohn on March 18, 2009

One of the more noteable visits to the coffee farms was “El Socorro”, just outside Jinotega. El Socorro is part of a cooperative that placed second in our cupping sessions and was my personal favourite.  I got to speak with co-owner Danny Chavarria who runs the farm together with her Uncle and little brother (perhaps the youngest farm owner in the world).  They are raising the profile of their Farm by putting their name out there, entering their best coffee to the Cup of Excellence, caring for the land with other rotating food crops, planting at higher altitudes, fairtrade registered with a strong focus in trading in the speciality coffee market as a single estate.  A really beautiful farm doing all the right things such as more regular pickings (5 passes a season), clean washing facilities and all their own drying on the traditional african beds.

The last leg of the trip was a visit to the coffee estate El Quetzal. This is where I learnt the difference between words Finca and Hacienda.  Roberto Bendana owns a farm that by no means is in an early stage of development, it is in fact more like an institution with modern facilities, a school nursery for the children of the pickers includung a small libary and internet access.  Roberto is also investing in cultivation of new varietals of the region including Java which seems to be making waves in the area at the moment. Did I mention his training room… he has set up his Probat sample roaster along side a Clover, 3 group FB80 and a little GS3 in an office ten stories up overlooking the Managua skyline.  Probally beats any other training room I have ever been to, and then Nicaraguan Barrista champion put on a grand party for us… with karaoke.


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