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ST. Ali serves up ‘Country of Origin’ Paul Wilson style.

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ST. ALi kicks off the Winter Food Festival with a four-course food/coffee and wine degustation headed up by award winning chef, Paul Wilson. This 3-hat wearing chef is renowned for his classic ideas and turning them into contemporary dishes. You may know him as the former king of the pass at the renowned ‘Botanical’ but has also been the brainchild behind many other establishments such as the iconic Georges and Park Hyatt. A sample of what’s in stall:

Warm smoked duck parfait with Yarra Valley truffles & chestnut cappuccino with Indonesian Blue Batak syphon coffee.

The event will be held over the 24th, 25th and 26th of July and will be a per head charge of $150. The evening will kick off at 7pm with a beverage upon arrival. For more details, please contact us at 96862990 or email

paul wilson

Hessian Bags – For Sale $3 each

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Hessian bags for sale:

$3 a bag

$3.50 for bag inc. Nikki


Giotto Espresso Machine – Bean Scene

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I reckon this machine could run a small cafe if you needed it to!

Coffee was the best I’ve seen coming out of a domestic machine. Serious testicles…

For inquiries, demos, sales etc. please contact:



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ARRIVAL: 9:40pm, Sydney Airport
STAYED: Inner city
WAKE UP CALL: Mecca Espresso, 6am – waaay too early
BEST SYPHON EXPERIENCE: Coffees from Hario TCA-2 syphon (Ethiopian Beloya was amazing from 90+)
AFTER THAT: Went along to Cofi-Com with Paul from Mecca and met up with Andrew and Geraldine to do some cupping
NEXT STOP: The Source in Mosman to see Russell where I got to try an amazing blend called ‘Lucky 7.’
LASTLY: Hopped on the scooter with Paul (very cozy) and scooted our way down to Campos where coffee was great, as usual – then back off to the airport.

Overall, the trip was like a cramming for a school exam but far more exciting! Many, many thanks to Paul from Mecca, Andrew and Geraldine from Cofi-Com and Russell from the source.

ProCal Latte Art Championships

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The ProCal Latte Art Championships were held 2 weeks ago with Toshi, Angus and BW all eager to take out the price. Last years winner Con Haralambopoulos was the man to beat with just under a billion titles under his belt… It was held at Melbourne Central with judges Steve Agi (bean Scene), Aaron Wood (Auction rooms) and the sales manager for ProCal. It all came down to the wire and in the end, the undefeated champ reigned supreme with Angus and Toshi resulting in 2nd and 3rd. It was particularly a crushing moment for Toshi as he spilled over the time limit which lost him crucial points that took him out of prize contention. Overall, it was an amazing performance by the boys!


ST. ALi – Herald Sun… It’s our taste, or taste not

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