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The Equal Golden Bean Roaster Competition

Posted in Juzzie by mattjohn on November 7, 2008

Juzzie has been working double time as of late, which is double the normal double-time he does on a regularly basis. Although he would love to attend the Golden Bean comp, unfortunately the day-to-day roasting at St. Ali, shared with Toshi and his current training for the Latte Art competition and Juzzie’s final entry for Categories 1 and 2, well… he would have to clone himself to be able to get there.

Hmm… is that possible? Ethically no? But maybe…?? No they would just bump into each other all the time and also they would kinda cancel out the others hard work… scrap that idea! One will have to do. 

He has been busy fine tuning his blend of Costa Rica Herbazu, an outstanding bean that is everyone’s favourite at the moment and El Salvador Natural Processed Bourbon from Batres Farms. On the own their they are outstanding but together they work really well. Good luck!

Equal Golden Bean Roaster Competition

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Will we be able to keep this blog up to date?

Posted in Juzzie by mattjohn on October 30, 2008


Straight back at ya!

Straight back at ya!

Hmmm!! That’s the million dollar question. Who really has the time to? Nevertheless we are going to give it a good crack and see how we go.

Let us kick this off with our first introduction. Juzzie (Justin) is our Head Roaster and has been with us for over 3 years. A Sydney boy originally who had tracked down St Ali with the intent of furthering his coffee knowledge, either that or it was an economically rational decision, if you could put away the coffee he could, you would really want to work at a roastery where you’re getting it for free. In fairness, it’s the job. The roasters are always cupping and tasting to make sure everything is bang on!  Juzzie has spent time overseas meeting importers, roasters, cafes and most importantly farmers/growers in Indonesia.

Oh… and Juzzie said to say that he ‘likes long walks on the beach, followed by a conversation at sunset about conceptual art, about an incommunicable intra-personal struggle, the sturm und drang plight of the soul and the extent to which its subjective experience is completely inexpressible… while listening to Slayer’. 

He and the infamous Toshi, 4 years on the trot & more on him later, have been the backbone of St Ali. Also Dusty, our home grown rockstar-barista has just taken the next step into roasting and Kris, who has just moved to Melbourne, from apparently a town called Perth, which we are told is on the other side of Australia, where nobody wears clothes, unicorns roam the countryside and everyone has a flying kangaroo as a pet, sounds like a mythical place to me. But Kris is real and that’s all that matters. Kris & Toshi will be competing in the Victorian Barista Championship next week. And lets not forget the return of Nashy, he was there at the beginning and is back on the bus 2 days a week. We will update staff profiles overtime. 


The purpose of this blog will be to:

1. Keep a record of the day to day grind of ST ALi, essentially for our own benefit – though it might be a “week to week grind”.

2. Give an insight into ST ALi for anyone who’s interested. i.e.

  • Tasting notes
  • Latte art
  • How to do’s
  • Upcoming events
  • Competitions


3. To try and get as many incriminating photo’s of Juzzie out into the public domain as possible and any other staff for that matter. Though we guess, they are all going to be on Juzzie!

There has been a lot of changes happening of late, we’ll try and give you a rundown but all-in-all will try and stay on the coffee path.

And that’s day one of the blog!