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The Equal Golden Bean Roaster Competition

Posted in Juzzie by mattjohn on November 7, 2008

Juzzie has been working double time as of late, which is double the normal double-time he does on a regularly basis. Although he would love to attend the Golden Bean comp, unfortunately the day-to-day roasting at St. Ali, shared with Toshi and his current training for the Latte Art competition and Juzzie’s final entry for Categories 1 and 2, well… he would have to clone himself to be able to get there.

Hmm… is that possible? Ethically no? But maybe…?? No they would just bump into each other all the time and also they would kinda cancel out the others hard work… scrap that idea! One will have to do. 

He has been busy fine tuning his blend of Costa Rica Herbazu, an outstanding bean that is everyone’s favourite at the moment and El Salvador Natural Processed Bourbon from Batres Farms. On the own their they are outstanding but together they work really well. Good luck!

Equal Golden Bean Roaster Competition

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