ST. ALi // Specialty Coffee


Posted in Sensory Lab at David Jones by mattjohn on December 23, 2009

Have your favourite Specialty coffees mailed to your door as often as you like…

Sensory Lab at David Jones has come up with an amazing idea. Have your freshly roasted specialty coffee by Sensory Lab delivered directly to you, every week, fortnight or month! You can select from their exclusive S-1, S-2, S-3 blends or receive the Roaster’s Choice ‘Single Origin’ blend. Their master roasters will examine a single origin coffee in peak season and roast it fresh on rotation every second Thursday of the month. This offering is exclusive to coffee subscribers only.

Sensory Lab Coffee Subscriptions

Sensory Lab Coffee Subscriptions - available now

You’ll get to enjoy our exclusive Sensory Lab coffee blends, juicy single origins and previews of new coffees before they are available to the public. Each coffee you subscribe to will come with an online certificate with information about the journey of this particular coffee.

Join the Sensory Lab Coffee subscription club and enjoy freshly roasted specialty coffee every day.