ST. ALi // Specialty Coffee


ARRIVAL: 9:40pm, Sydney Airport
STAYED: Inner city
WAKE UP CALL: Mecca Espresso, 6am – waaay too early
BEST SYPHON EXPERIENCE: Coffees from Hario TCA-2 syphon (Ethiopian Beloya was amazing from 90+)
AFTER THAT: Went along to Cofi-Com with Paul from Mecca and met up with Andrew and Geraldine to do some cupping
NEXT STOP: The Source in Mosman to see Russell where I got to try an amazing blend called ‘Lucky 7.’
LASTLY: Hopped on the scooter with Paul (very cozy) and scooted our way down to Campos where coffee was great, as usual – then back off to the airport.

Overall, the trip was like a cramming for a school exam but far more exciting! Many, many thanks to Paul from Mecca, Andrew and Geraldine from Cofi-Com and Russell from the source.

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